Crosspoint Switches with Multicast/Broadcast


Does TI offer any crosspoint switches with multicast or broadcast functionality? Looking at the page for crosspoint switches ( it doesn't look like any of these offer multicast or broadcasting, but I want to make sure before i communicate that back to my customer. Could you offer any guidance on this?



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  • Alec,

    I'm sorry I didn't see your request move into this forum. 

    The switches and multiplexers e2e forum contains information about passive FET switches without any buffering or signal conditioning.  There are a few passive cross point FET switches like the TS3DS10224 but the link you posted are for switches + signal conditioning or buffering.  

    I've seen some of these types of products supported on the high speed interface forum.  You could try posting your request there.    

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    Thanks for the response - I'll try to contact some of the high speed interface people.