TS3L110: The voltage on Ix1 when Yx is connected to Ix0

Part Number: TS3L110

Hi Team,

My customer is using TS3L110 to switch the ethernet signal to LAN or Wifi module. But we found that when we connected Yx (ABCD) to Ix0 (ABCD), then the voltages on Ix1 pins will be 2.5V. The voltage on VCC of TS3L110 is 3.3V. we are curious about why the voltage on Ix1 is 2.5V. we disconnected the post circuit after Ix1 and the 2.5V voltage is still existed. 

Is there any other solution for ethernet's RX+/- and TX+/- switch function? and it won't have bias voltage on the channels when they are not connected to Yx. 



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