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TX810EVM: How to connect TX517EVM output to TX810EVM input?

Part Number: TX810EVM

Dear TI Friends,

We would like to create a sonar transmit and receive system. Here is our final goal :  TX517EVM -> xdcr -> TX810EVM-> AFE5809EVM->TSW1400EVM. However, at this stage I would like to verify the system without using a transducer. So, this post (e2e.ti.com/.../401398) suggests doing this this: TX517EVM -> TX810EVM-> AFE5809EVM ->TSW1400EVM.

Question: I would like to know how to properly connect our TX517EVM output to TX810EVM input. Perhaps we should do as follows, but because the output of TX517EVM has very high voltage, I'm worried that I make a mistake and damage the system. Please verify the accuracy of the following statement: 

We should connect the OUTA (J2) of TX517EVM  to the IN1 (J1) of TX810EVM. Then we can connect the OUT1 (J9) of TX810EVM to INP1 (J1) of AFE5809EVM. The OUT1 of TX810EVM has low voltage, so It's safe to be connected to the input of our AFE5809EVM.

As always, thank you for your kind help.