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CD4053B: About VIH at VDD=18V (VDD-VSS=9V-(-9V))

Part Number: CD4053B

Hi Team,


We would like to know the VIH at VDD=18V (VDD-VSS=9V-(-9V)) because we can’t find this value in the datasheet.

Could you please let us know if you have any data?





  • Hello Hideto,

    We do not currently have data for those specific conditions, but the general trend in the above posted test conditions is that VIH is roughly 70% of VDD and VIL is 30% of VDD when VEE is set to ground. When VEE is -9V and VDD is 9V, we still expect VIH to be about 70% of VDD and VIL to be 30% of VIL.  So VIH should be around 6.3V and VIL will be around 2.7V.

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    Hi Patrick-san,

    Thank you for the information.
    I understand. Thank you very much.