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ADG1404 replacement from TI

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My customer is looking for switch solution to replace ADG1404 from ADI. Would you please suggest the right solution? I did not see any 4 inputs 1 output (1:4?) 1 channel switch on TI.com.






  • Hi Sonia,

    The ADG1404 is a 4:1 mux that has low Ron that operates up to +-15V. Right now TI does not have any switches in this voltage range with low Ron value.

    However, a low Ron mux may not be that critical for your design if you have an op-amp or some other high impedance input in your signal chain. Can you help me with some more information on your signal chain/why the ADG1404 was chosen? What is the input voltage signal range?

    We have a number of other devices in our portfolio such as the MUX36D04 which is a dual channel 4:1 mux in roughly the same footprint as the ADG1404. This device operates in a similar voltage range as well.

    We also have devices like our CD4052 families that may be more cost optimized but have other tradeoffs.



  • In reply to Dakotah:

    Hi Dakotah,

    The operating voltage is +-10V only.

    Andy Chu
  • In reply to Yen Ting Chu:

    Hi Andy,

    We do not currently have any low Ron 4:1 muxs in our portfolio. As I mentioned in the last post we do have a number of 4:1 options with a higher Ron value that can be a good replacement depending on your system.

    Thank you for clarifying your operating voltage for me. I have gone through and filtered our selection table for 4:1 muxs that can pass both a positive and negative signal voltage. Based on your provided information I would look into the MUX36D04. This device is actually a 2 channel, 4:1 mux but can be used as a 1-channel, 4:1 mux like the ADG1404. This part can operate at the voltage range you mentioned and has improved leakage specs over the ADI part. Additionally the part has a similar size the the ADI device as it is offered in a 5x4mm package

    Please let me know if this device is not suitable for your customer and why. This will allow me to find a better replacement if needed.