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TS3L4892: what's the mean of the parameter Vi/o?

Part Number: TS3L4892


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    I want to chose TS3L4892 from the following three GE switches:TS3L4892, TS3L301 and TS3L500. But the parameter Vi/o of TS3L4892 is different from others. Vi/o Input/output voltage, 4892 is 0 to VCC, 500 and 301 are 0 to 5.5V, So I want to know what this parameter means.

  • Hi user5041186,

    I will help clarify this issue for you. The Vi/o spec is given in the recommended operation conditions as the input/output voltage recommended for safe operation of the switch.

    For the TS3L4892: the spec is listed as "0→Vcc" where Vcc is listed as a max of 3.6V. That means the recommended max Vi/o for this device is 3.6V
    Both the TS3L301 and the TS3L500 are "0→5.5V" with a Vcc of 3.6V. This means these two devices can be operated at 3.6V Vcc but have an Input/Output voltage of up to 5.5V and stay within the recommended operating condition.

    If your input/output voltage exceeds 3.6V I would recommend not using the TS3L4892 since you would be operating outside of normal spec.



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    Hi Dakotah,

    First of all, thank you very much for your reply,I understand your explanation and have another question:the absolute maximum voltage of Vi/o is about 7V, and when the I/O pin is connected to the backplane signal, I would like to know, if hot swap, whether the impact on the chip TS3L4892, or even damage.Do you have a recommended solution for this situation?


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    You're welcome for the response. Regarding the hot swap issue, this device does not support hot swap protection. A common issues caused by a hot swap is a large transient voltage above abs. max. To overcome this you can evaluate the use of a TVS diode to suppress any large transient voltage at your input.