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TS3A4751: Crosstalk in SPI bus switching

Part Number: TS3A4751

Hi all,

I have mounted TS3A4751PWR to switch a four-wire SPI bus to switch a FLASH  memory to a graphic controller (RA8875). It looks like I may have a crosstalk issue in the switch circuit. my graphic controller can properly read images from the memory when I remove the switch and the memory directly to the graphic controller. Same procedure with the switch in series, and the image read by the graphic controller is noisy.

I can observe noise in the high frequencies of the picture (noise on the pixels' high freq). Noise is consistent with crosstalk from clock line to data line. is this hipothesis plausible? Please find attached a CAD capture.

SPI bus is running at 45 MHz.

Best regards.

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