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TINA/Spice/TS5A21366: is the model available? How do CCOM(OFF), CCOM(ON), CNO(OFF), CNO(ON) vary with the bias voltage?

Part Number: TS5A21366

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models


  is a tinaTI / spice model available for TS5A21366?

If not, how do CCOM(OFF), CCOM(ON), CNO(OFF), CNO(ON) vary with the bias voltage : in the datasheet the measure is done with Vbias = Vcc or GND.



  • Gabriele,

    We do not have any models for the TS5A21366

    The capacitance values don't vary by temperature or bias voltage by more than +/-10%.

    Why do you need to know if the capacitance of a FET varies by voltage on the drain and source in your system? 

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  • In reply to Adam Torma:

    Thanks for taking care about my question.
    Since the analog switch will work with a signal that goes from 0V to 5V and since I'm looking for very low capacitance device, I need to be sure that there is not a particular condition where the capacitance rises.
    I'm particular interested in the OFF capacitance.
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  • In reply to Gabriele Clapier:


    Is +/-10% variation going to work in your application? 

    It sounds like you are looking for a device that will be used to isolate part of a circuit while communication is still going on the bus that you do not want to slow down.  What type of signals are you isolating?  

    If you look at TI.com parametric search for off state capacitance you will find many parts with lower off state capacitance.  Below I filtered on 1:1 SPST,  >5V I/O signals, and then sorted the ~100 devices on the off state capacitance parameter.  You could use an alternative device like the SN74CB3Q3305 with 3.5 pF off state capacitance. 


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