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TS3A227E: TS3A227E use hardware mode control for pass through mode

Part Number: TS3A227E

May I know the TS3A227E can support 4-port pass through mode without I2C control? If not, Do you have related solution like TS3A227 and support 4-port pass through? Thanks

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    This device has the ability to detect 4 port AUX through the DET_TRIGGER or with i2c control. However, if you do not wish to use i2c, you would just need to pull them up and not use them. The DET_TRIGGER will automatically tell the switch what kind of port it is interfacing with.

    However, I am unfamiliar with pass through, could you provide some more details around this application?

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    Thanks of your reply.

    The “pass through” mode means the IC automatically detect 4-pole without I2C control.

    May I know it can be automatically detect below 4 type phone jacks? Thanks.

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    Yes this device does offer automatic detect for 4 or 3 pole detect without the use of i2c.

    We have a family of parts which behave similarly to one another in terms of manual detection. If you do not use the i2c line (SDA, SCL) simply tie them high with a 10k resistor. This can be found in our datasheet on page 17, 21-22. 

    Please find the links below as other resources explaining out the manual detect works:

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