Bus Switch solution for Quad SPI

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If there recommended bus switch for Quad SPI, please let me know.

(I didn't find match device)

Customer condition is below;


・Master: 1, Slave: 3

・Master's I/O port is connecting these Slave side and ON/OFF switch by bus switch.

・Always communicate one-Master and any one-Slave, the other Slave are switch OFF.


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  • Satoshi-san,

    Why can't you have the master and the 3 slaves all on the same bus and use the chip select bit (/CS) defined in the qSPI protocol to determine which slave to select?  Are you I/O limited to communicate to the slave devices?  

    When I searched the switches and multiplexers forum for qSPI, I found several posts around the TS3A27518E device.  This is a 6-channel device which switch means it can switch all six bits of the SPI protocol 4 data lanes, clock, and /CS.  

    The TI switch portfolio offers 7 different 3:1 devices.  To cover all 6 bits of qSPI you will need to use 3x TS3USB3031 devices or 1x SN74CBT16214 with 6 unused channels. 

    Let me know if these will work in your system.

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