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TS3A227E: About 2XSPDT and 1XDPDT

Part Number: TS3A227E


Customer is comparing TS3A227E and TS3A226AE.
These two devices have the following notation differences.
Could you explain the difference between  2XSPDT and 1XDPDT?

Best Regards,
Yusuke/Japan Disty

  • Hello Yusuke-san,

    To explain this, first I need to break down the acronym.
    SPDT stands for Single Pull Double Throw, which is basically a 2:1 switch, where the switch changes signals from two different "throws".
    DPDT stands for Double Pull Double Throw, which is actually a 2 channel 2:1, meaning there are two of them.

    Now you will note that the TS3A227E actually has 2 SPDT, which means it is also 2 channel 2:1.

    In a sense they are the same functionality. In some instances, DPDT has a single signal enable an output for both 2:1 switch configurations, where as in the 2 x SPDT parts, there will be two separate signals which control each 2:1 configuration separately.

    I hope this helped.


  • In reply to Louie:


    Thank you for your support.
    I understood your explanation.
    I will report it to customers.

    Best Regards,
    Yusuke/Japan Disty