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TMUX136: Can this product be used as an RF switch

Part Number: TMUX136

One of our customers at is currently using a CEL SPDT switch for their antenna diversity application. Essentially, they use this switch to alternate between two different antennas to identify which one has better performance.

 I was looking at the TMUX136, and this was one of the few solutions that can operate in the 2.4GHz+ range. I wanted to see if this product can be used as an RF switch, and are there any concerns if using the TMUX136?



  • Andrew,

    The CG2179M2 devices is on a GaAs process while TMUX136 is on a silicon CMOS process. Usually the limiting factor for using our Silicon CMOS switches in RF applications is the amount of power they would like to put through the switch as GaAs typically can handle higher power than CMOS.

    Also most RF engineers would like more linearity specs in the datasheet like P1dB, IP3, etc. and are not willing to give it a shot in their system without these specs specifically called out.  

    If the CMOS option is lower cost enough than the GaAs to try it out, the TMUX136 can be used low power <20dBm and up to 6GHz signal.   

    Here are a couple quick slides on the differences between CMOS and GaAs process tradeoffs.


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