SN74CB3T3245: Measurement see 4.0V on output when Vcc = 3.3 V?

Part Number: SN74CB3T3245



I got a problem with SN74CB3T3245. As you can see in attached measurement I see around 4.0V on the output when I use 3.3V Vcc?


  • Yellow, blue and purple channels are three signals passed through 74CB3T3245.

  • Green is the power supply voltage.

  • All inputs to 74CB3T3245 are 3.3V.

  • There is no input above 3.3V.

  • As you can see, it is the change in the blue + purple channel that raises the voltage on the yellow channel.

  • The data sheet indicates that the output of 74CB3T245 when 1 is "~ Vcc". I cannot find any max / min values.


Any ideas on how this can happen?






Thank you,


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