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SN74CBTLV3253: VOH and VOL level of SN74CBTLV3253

Part Number: SN74CBTLV3253

Dear Expert,

We use SN74CBTLV3253 for I2C, but want to check the VOH and VOL threshold for this device.

However, it cannot be found in datasheet.

Could you let me know the VOH and VOL threshold of SN74CBTLV3253?



  • Ben,

    The TI switches and multiplexers like the SN74CBTLV3253 are passive FET switches and do not have and current drive capability.  VOH and VOL specs are not applicable to these passive FET switches because they cannot generate an output voltage but simply pass the voltage from the input to the output. 

    You can find more information on the basic operation of TI's passive FET switches in the first couple of pages of this app note.

    If you would like an I2C switch with drive capability you can look start looking at the TCA954X family of devices. 

    Thank you,