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Tri state switch with LED indicator

Hello dear Ti community.

I've got some questions related with tri state switching and 2:1 mux.

1. How can I build a tri state switch with a led indicator? I need something with pull up//pull down//float mode to control internal dac function (WM8741).
I know that I can use simple dip switch with pull up and pull down resistors but then I will lose LED.

So could you provide me some help how to do it corrctly?

2. Second question is about 2:1 mux, I need swtich for choosing SPDIF input (optical and coaxial) so I choose a NC7SZ157P6X? Is that chip would be good or should I pick something else?
Is there any way to add a LED indicator to it? To inform me about which source is active ATM.

3. Similiar to second question. I've got SN74HC157 chip. I'm using it for I2S switch.
How can I add a LED indicator to it.

So all those question are similiar, so I assume there will be common solution for it :)