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I need a recommendation for 2:1 Demux for Serial Wire Debug (SWD) application


I haven't worked much with de-multiplexers so I could use your help.

Will be used to Send SWD signals either to MCU 1 or MCU2 with the below Requirements. 

  • The SWD Traces going through the Demux do not cause interference when flashing
  • There is a 2:1 connection
  • Preferably there are 3 sets of 2:1 connections


  • David,

    TI's passive FET switches are bi-directional so you can use them in your Demux application.  We have several 2:1 switches that have plenty of bandwidth for most Serial Wire Debug signals SWD (SPI, UART, etc.) that are in the low MHz range

    Please use our TI.com switch selection tool to help search for your switch.  I used the filters: configuration (2:1), channel count (>3 for your 3 sets),  and sorted on price least to greatest.  What do you think about the SN74LV4053A ?