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TS5A3160: - Question about connection and usage

Part Number: TS5A3160


Regarding with connection of TS5A3160, I would like to know whether it can be used as both cases below? The reason I would like to ask is because, pin function description mention that NO (Pin 1), NC (Pin 3) and COM (Pin 4) are Input/Output pins. For simplicity, I did not show GND pins, V+ pin and IN pins connections.

(A) Source is connected to COM (Pin 4) and depending on IN (Pin 6) logic level, either load 1 or load 2 will be given power coming from COM pin.

(B) Source 1 and Source 2 are connected to NO (Pin 1) and NC (Pin 3) respectively, and depending on IN (Pin 6) logic level, load will be given power by either source 1 or source 2.

Lastly, if TS5A3160 cannot achieve both, then, is there any other alternative IC to achieve both case A and B?

Thank you.