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TS5MP646: 2:1 MIPI switch solution

Part Number: TS5MP646

Hi team,

My customer wants to use TS5MP646 as a 2:1 MIPI switch. However, the pads are too near to place the trace, and they have to use buried blind via. The cost is too high for them. So I'd like to check is there any other solution for 2:1 MIPI switch with other package?

The requirement is:

1. 4 lane mipi CSI signal

2. Less than 1.5Gbps/lane



  • Cera,

    We currently do not have the TS5MPXXX devices in a different package. There are other high speed 2:1 signal switches that are in leaded or QFN packages.

    If you are looking for 1.5Gbps/lane I would recommend a switch with 2.25GHz bandwidth. The TS3DV642 device which is >2.25GHz bandwidth and is a QFN package.

    Thank you,