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TS5MP645: Use with LVDS switching multiplexing.

Part Number: TS5MP645


Is it possible to use the IC for switching LVDS serial lanes running at 1.2Gbps?




  • Oded,

    In the switches and multiplexers FAQ posting we recommended selecting a signal switch that has a channel bandwidth of 1.5 times the datarate. 

    For example, a 1.2Gbps signal passing per channel, we would recommend a switch with a  bandwidth of 1.8GHz. 

    The TS5MP645 bandwidth minimum is 1.5 GHz and typically 2 GHz which would meet that requirement. 

    What is the 1.2Gbps signal used for in your system and why do you need a switch?  

    Thank you,


  • In reply to Adam Torma:

    Adam hi

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Due to the fact the TS5MP645 is available only as 0.4mm pitch BGA I cannot use it for my application.

    The next candidate is to use HD3SS3415 or HD3SS3412 for the following requirement:
    1. Able to switch 4 lanes of MIPI signals running at max bitrate of 1.5Gbps
    2. Able to switch LVDS signals with 1.2Gbps
    3. In gernerally I wish to employ it for USB3.0, PCIe, HDMI 2.0a, DP 1.4 switching.

    Q1: Can this IC be good for the above tasks ?
    Q2: The MIPI standard low power mode defined with low rate (~10Mbps) high amplitude (~ 1.2V) switching - will it support this feature?
    Q3: Will it be able to switch single ended signals? also in the order of ~10Mbps ?

    Thanks in advance

    Oded A