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SN74HC4851-Q1: what's the difference between SN74LV4051A-Q1 and SN74HC4851-Q1

Part Number: SN74HC4851-Q1


Could you help to check what's the difference between SN74LV4051A-Q1 and SN74HC4851-Q1

I can find the pin of SN74LV4051A-Q1 is compatible with SN74HC4851 ,the difference from spec is the Ron ;

Other difference is SN74HC4851-Q1 with  Injection-Current Effect Control, can you explain the injection-current effect control?

Final pls help to confirm if the SN74LV4051A-Q1 and SN74HC4851-Q1 could replace each other.

  • Hi user5195014,

    You are correct that the pinout are the same for the 4051 and 4851.

    The injection current effect control spec allows the disable channels of the device to have signals present that may exceed the supply under the given conditions in the datasheet. While these signals are present on the un-selected channels the output of the selected channel will not be affected.

    The two devices are compatible from a pinout perspective, if they can replace each other depends on if the Ron and injection current effect control matter in the application. Do you have a certain use case in mind?



  • In reply to Dakotah:

    got it Many thanks!!