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TS12A4515: TS12A4515DR

Part Number: TS12A4515

what is the phase noise degradation going through the part? What is the PSRR? Planning on using it to switch a 10 MHz signal with phase noise -175 dBc/Hz @1 kHz. Need to understand what will happen to the phase noise of the signal through the part

  • Bnovus,

    I don't have data for the older TS12A4515 but I have some phase noise measurements for the new TMUX136 device.  You can see that there isn't any observable difference between the signal through path and the signal passing through the switch.  These are passive FET switches and will simply pass noise that is already present in the system.   

    I'm still not sure why PSRR and Phase noise are required for passive FET switches.  Are you able to explain how these specs are critical to your system?  We may start specifying these values in our newer devices. 

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  • In reply to Adam Torma:

    Thank you for the data- it is excellent. We design precision references and every part that touches the signal is suspect. We need to do some multiplexing and the question came up as to how much the switches might degrade the phase noise. The information you provided answers the question very well

    Thank you!!