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TS3A225E: Asking for the TS3A225ERTER schematic review

Part Number: TS3A225E

Hi Team,
Customer would like to use TS3A225ERTER. Would you please review the schematic and provide your comment?



  • SHH

    1. VDD is correctly supplied with 3.3 V which is within the recommended operating conditions and includes bypass capacitors.

    2. SCL and SDA are open drain outputs and are correctly pulled up to 3.3 V

    3. MIC_PRESENT is open drain output and is correctly pulled up to 3.3V 

    4. MIC_P should be connected to codec

    5. ADDR_SEL is correctly grounded

    8. GND correctly connected to ground

    9. SLEEVE and SLEEVE_SENSE correctly connected to audio jack

    10. RING2 and RING2_SENSE correctly connected to audio jack

    11. TIP_SENSE is correctly connected to the tip of the headset. 

    12. DET_TRIGGER pin to initiate the automatic detection sequence is correctly held low until headset is inserted and then will be pulled up to 3.3V through JACK500_P3V3 node.