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CCS/MSP430G2533: DLL does not work for object file built by CCS 5.4

Part Number: MSP430G2533

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi Experts,

We are using MSP-GANG for flash production.The object file to program is build by CCS 5.4. MSP-GANG GUI is our own software and using below DLL. Oct.13.2014

Now we updated CCS from 5.4 to 6.2 and noticed that the above DLL does not work to program.

Then we updated the DLL to the latest one. Mar.07.2018

Now it works fine but sometime failed to program.

Question 1 : Can we use the same DLL to program the object files built by both CCS 5.4 and CCS 6.2?

Question 2 : Do you know why some time error occurs even with the latest DLL.



  • Hi Hisao,

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  • Hello Hisao,

    Thanks for your detailed post.

    Hisao Uchikoshi
    Now we updated CCS from 5.4 to 6.2 and noticed that the above DLL does not work to program.

    I'm sure there have been many updates (can be found in the release notes) between these CCS versions that probably require a newer version of the DLL. Perhaps it's a good time for them to upgrade to the latest CCS version (v8.3 at the moment) if they're updating.

    Hisao Uchikoshi
    Now it works fine but sometime failed to program.

    Do you get a specific error message? If so, please share it.

    Does the error still occur when using the provided MSP-GANG GUI instead of your own GUI software?

    Does the JTAG circuitry match our recommendations in the MSP430 Hardware Tools User's Guide?



  • In reply to James Evans:

    Hi James,

    We have been using MSP-GANG for so long time thus we think JTAG circuit does not matter.

    We did not try to test when using TI provided MSP-GAN GUI, sorry.

    The error message is below.

      "error 58 Varification error"

    Furthermore, I am not sure when we perform the programming, the file is simple .txt file so we think CCS version does not matter. Do you have any idea why updating CCS caused the problem?



  • In reply to Hisao Uchikoshi:

    Hello Uchikoshi-san,

    Thanks for the update. Please try the provided MSP-GANG GUI and check if the issue still exists. Like you pointed out, there should be no dependencies between the MSP-GANG DLL and the MSP430 DLL for CCS, so I'm not sure why different CCS versions causes the issue, unless there are different project settings between the versions that could be impacting this.

    According to the MSP-GANG's user's guide, Error 58 means that the Flash PSA verification failed. Please have the customer carefully read through Section Verify in the MSP-GANG's user's guide. For example, perhaps the firmware is modifying the Flash or FRAM in unused memory space after MCU reset (for example, if the Flash or FRAM is used for additional memory space like EEPROM). As discussed in the following thread, the "Global Verification" feature was added in DLL v1.1.6.0 which is after DLL v1.1.10.0 and before DLL v1.2.10.0.

    MSP-GANG: MSP-GANG issue with the latest firmware but not on earlier versions