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CCS/CODECOMPOSER: Can I Install and run two Code composer studio versions at the same time


Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi. Wanted to ask if I can Install and run two Code composer studio versions at the same time. Because some DSP Kits are not compatible with some versions


  • Hello,
    This is fully supported with CCSv4 and greater, as long as you install the various versions in separate directories and specify separate workspace folders for them.

    This is also somewhat supported with earlier CCS versions, but their are several known issues. It is ok to have one version of CCSv3.x or earlier, along with several CCSv4+ versions. But when having multiple versions of CCSv3 and earlier, you can run into some registry issues. Let me know if you plan on doing this and I will provide more details.



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  • In reply to Ki-Soo Lee:

    Thanks Lee. I will let you know in this post if I plan to do this