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CC1310 and CC1352R Compatibility

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Dear Support Team,

I am having problems while connecting the both mentioned Launchpads and its correspondent PINS using simple cables. Once I start the SmartRF Studio it seems to recognise the CC1310 but not the CC1352R, the program sees the connection but reports that the device is incompatible/unknown. In some particular cases, such as another data rate, it might recognize the second Launchpad. 

Is it possible that in order to connect and make work both launchpads I might need a special driver?

Thank You in Advance,

Best Regards,


  • Hi Cotovici,

    Which SDK versions are you using for both devices?

    Did you make sure the correct projects were downloaded to the devices? 

    I assume you are now first experimenting with the CC1310 and CC1352. Have you visited SimpleLink Academy? See the Basic RX and TX lab.



  • Cotovici,

    Were you able to make any progress?



  • In reply to Seong Kim:

    Dear Mr. Seong,

    Thank you very much for your reply, I was able to work with the hardware after your suggested solution.

    Best Regards,

    Elena Cotovici

  • In reply to Cotovici Elena:


    I'm glad you got it working. I'll close this thread. Please post a new one for any other queries.