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Plotting derivative (or integral) function using post-processor advanced edit in TINA-TI

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I need to plot the 1st order derivative of a curve in TINA-TI, let's say dV(x)/dx

I can't find a solution from either the TINA-TI training video series or the original TINA software documentations. Someone suggested using a derivative function, D() in the advanced edit field of post-processor, but I can't find related documentation.

I tried the following function in the advanced edit box:
dV := D(V(x));
and got invalid function name

There's a related post on e2e but doesn't mention about derivative:

  • Hi ,

    This would be a question for DesignSoft/TINA.  Please use this support page: www.tina.com/technical-support/

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  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    TINA-TI is a stripped down version of the original TINA. Some features in the original TINA may not be available in TINA-TI. For example the option of importing IBIS model.
    My question is if TINA-TI supports plotting derivative function. I know the original TINA has such option, but I can't find it in TINA-TI.
    Is the tech support of TINA-TI outsourced to DesignSoft? If not, then probably DesignSoft won't be able to answer the question!
  • In reply to zguo:

    Hi zguo,

    Apologies for the response delay.  Back to the first response, yes, TINA-TI is a DesignSoft product, they will be able to assist with this inquiry.  www.tina.com/technical-support/