TINA-TI/LM5170-Q1: TINA TI simulation of LM5170-Q1; ISETA_DRIVER block

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Part Number: LM5170-Q1

Tool/software: TINA-TI

Hello, I am currently using the LM5170-Q1 to test some simulations in TINA TI for a customer. I have however some questions regarding the TINA TI reference design given on the product page.

In the situation I am simulating, the LM5170 is used as a buck boost between high voltage (10V) and low voltage (4V) batteries. The TINA TI reference design uses however a block called ''ISETA_DRIVER" which seems to be a library of some sorts which was originally configured for 48 V Vin. I was wondering if this block needs to be altered in order for the new configuration that I presented to work properly, because at the moment I am slightly confused as to how the ISETA_DRIVER affects the results and I am not too experienced with the code used in it. Do I even have to change anything in the ISETA_DRIVER block at all or is it simply for monitoring certain values? At the moment I have been able to get a stable configuration already without changing said block.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Assad,

    The engineer responsible for this part is currently out of office. He will be back by the week of the 28th.



  • In reply to Yinsong Cai1:

    Hi Assad,

    Mostly you don't need to modify it if I understand your question correctly.  However, I am not able to download the tsc file during my trip.  Can you send me a picture of what you referred to?   I will reply ASAP but please expect some delays due to my trip schedule.