TIDA-010024: Changing trigger to send data over 6lowpan connection

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I am currently working with the 6lowpan_mesh_ti_15_4_cc1312_tirtos_ccs project file. Inside the app_task_node.c file, there is the following code:

I am currently trying to use the debug_push configuration and believe that this is controlling the timer which sends data every 10 seconds. I would like to change this so that the application sends data when an event occurs (i.e. a trigger from a microphone).

How can I change this code to instead send data when something like a trigger occurs instead of a timer?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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  • My apologies, it looks like my picture was clipped. Here is the code I meant to attach:

  • In reply to Grady Anderson:

    Hi Grady,

    You can modify the code to send the data whenever there is a specific event such as trigger from a microphone, in your case, by calling the "app_send" function. Calling this function basically sets the msg.event_type as APP_TX_DATA to push the data out. 

    You may want to look at the example drivers in the SDK that showcases implementation of ADC sampling and handling interrupted based on the ADC inputs.

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