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TIDA-010003: TI-15.4 with 6LoWPAN, CoAP and DTLS

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Part Number: TIDA-010003


I want to setup a 6LoWPAN mesh network with DTLS and CoAP with CC1310 sensor nodes.

TIDA-010003 gives me a great starting point with 6LoWPAN and TI-15.4.

As data concentrator I would prefer a stack similar to TIDA-010032 on Raspberry Pi. Both examples work great together for me.

Looking at the code of TIDA-010032, I found that there CoAP and DTLS are already integrated. But looking at TIDA-010003, I found nothing related to this on the sensor side.

Do you know any sensor examples where CoAP and DTLS are configured ?

Has somebody integrated the 6LoWPAN example in CC13x0 SDK >= 3.10 ? (without icall)

I know that Contiki could also be an alternative, but I would prefer TI-15.4, because I like the examples for my application and because of of TI-RTOS.

Help with this questions would be much appreciated!

Best regards!

  • Hi,

    It looks like http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-010024 implements DTLS, but it uses the newer CC1312.

    I've passed this to the relevant experts for further input.

  • Hi Felix,

    CoAP or DTLS is not parts of the TI Design software example. Since the application APIs of the TID are the same as the CONTIKI open sources and the CoAP is provided as an open source in the CONTIKI, you will be able to integrate the CoAP into the TID code. However, keep in mind that CC13x0 has restricted memory and you may have to switch to CC13x2 if you need higher memory for this implementation.

    No, we didn't integrate the TID with the later version of SDK.

    With Regards,

    Prasanna U R, Ph. D.

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