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TIDA-01580: Trouble in manufacturing evaluation board

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Part Number: TIDA-01580

Hello, I want to manufacture the TIDA-01580 to evaluate the AFE4900 chip. Since the package is too small, I am having trouble manufacturing the board. Is there any way to get the board manufactured or is there any place to buy TIDA-01580 board?

  • Hello Nanayakkara,

    Thank you for your interest in TIDA-01580. It is a reference design and can not be purchased. so there is no place to buy it on ti.com.

    However, if you go to http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-01580 , it has the gerbers and Altium design files. You can get it manufactured from any PCB fabricator. I will send you the name of manufacturer in India, from where we got it done.


    Sanjay R. Pithadia 

  • In reply to Sanjay Pithadia:

    Are there any other readily available dev board to evaluate  AFE4900 chip's both PPG and ECG capabilities?

  • In reply to Nanayakkara Dinushka:

    AFE4900EVM is available for purchase. It has some jumpers which can be used to connect ECG electrodes as explained the in the design guide.


    Sanjay R. Pithadia