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TIDA-01501: unclear signals

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Part Number: TIDA-01501


Some signals are not clear how they are connected.

-On the LLC stage schematic, it is unclear how V+ and V- of the LM258AD are connected. The components are named U2 and U10.

-What is U15?

-Is the Signal VTEMP in the LLC stage something else other V_temp on the daughter board?

- is SGND1 in the daughter board not connected to  SGND on the LLC stage? I think so so that no short circuit happens on the synchronous rectifier mosfets, Right?

- to which supply is VS_AUX2 in the daughter board connected. The U15 daughter board connector in the LLC Stage Shows that pin2 should be V_temp (not VTEMP) and pin3 should be named VS_AUX2. Unless I misunderstood something.

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  • hi

    1. U2B has the same V+ and V- as U2A and U10A is the same as U10B.

    2. U15 is the connector between mother board and daughter board.

    3. it's on daughter board.

    4. Sgnd1 is connected to Sgnd through U15. please refer to PCB file

    5. VS_AUX2 is the same net as VS_AUX in mother board