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TIDA-00367: W1 gauge and skin effect depth

Part Number: TIDA-00367


Following up on this thread

Regarding W1, the manufacturer is short on 26AWG wire. As a result, the following feedback he has:


We don't have Tex-E wire 26 AWG (0.40mm), but we have 0.25mm & 0.60mm Tex-E in stock. Either we can use 2 x 0.25mm wire instead of 1 x 0.40mm wire or can use 1 x 0.60mm wire instead of 2 x 0.45mm wire. Since we matching the cross section area, there will not be any issue in electrical side, however we have to check the process feasibility.

What do you think about this feedback from the vendor ? Since the transformer operates at 50kHz, either of the 2 option s should be okay, or is there an issue with either ? Or does another have a winding fill factor issue ?

What do you think ?