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TINA/Spice/DS90C189-Q1EVM: DS90C189-Q1EVM Cannot drive LVDS LCD screen (MV190E0M-N10 LCD screen 1280*1024)

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Part Number: DS90C189-Q1EVM

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

The original 24bit RGB LCD screen can be used normally with a resolution of 640*480. Now I want to transfer to a 1280*1024 LVDS LCD screen through the DS90C189-Q1EVM evaluation board. But the LCD does not recognize any signals. I want to know if TI can use this evaluation board to implement the above functions in principle.The RGB signal is generated from the STM32H7x3I-EVAL board. The pins of the input DS90C189-Q1EVM evaluation board are as follows:

The order of the signals is MSB:

The LVDS LCD screen is dual 8PIN, and the pin connection is as follows:

The clock generated on the RGB side is 25 MHz. Is there any problem with this connection or is there any problem with the data and clock generated by the RGB signal? Please give me help, thanks!

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  • In reply to Charley Cai:

    HI user3938388,

    sorry we have no STM32H7x3I-EVAL board, and can't duplicate your issue. BUT, DS90C189 is one single bridge to convert the parallel video data to OpenLDI output. pls make sure that the input parallel data is correctly mapped to C189's input pins, you can c189 d/s page16/17/18 on the mapping between C189's input pins and RGB order, also you can get how the C189's input signal is mapped to OpenLDI output ports. (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ds90c189-q1.pdf)

    If the connection is right, and you need debug the issue, you can check whether input signal is correct? whether C189 has LVDS clock output?



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    Thanks,Junqiang.The problem may be driven rather than signal conversion.

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    if you concern the driven, you can measure the signal electrical spec. in your board and check whether it can meet the receiver device's request based on d/s. generally both LVCMOS and LVDS are very standard I/f, if your layout is accepted, the driven should no have problem. but anyway, to be responsible for the board, you need test the signals pls. This also can narrow down the root cause.

    best regards,