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TIDA-020008: trace widths

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Part Number: TIDA-020008

Team, please help answer customer's question:

I’m trying to determine the trace widths for my power traces. I have a couple of questions

  1. In TIDA-020008 layout, how much current can go through reverse protection diode D1? I see that it only has a trace width of 10 mil. Just want give it sufficient trace width.
  2. What’s the recommended minimum trace width for VIN+ traces?
  3. What’s the recommended minimum trace width for 3.3V traces?

 My application has a motor RMS current of 3.5A and stall current of 9A.



  • Viktorija, the customer sent this to us yesterday and we are on it.  Going to go ahead and close this thread as you suggested.    Hope you are well. 

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