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WEBENCH® Tools/ISO5852S: TINA Transient Simulation Error: Missing Syntax Element

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Part Number: ISO5852S

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

  • Hi, Ting,

    We tested this today and didn't get the error. Let's have a call to work through it. I'll set something up.

    Best regards,

    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications

    Dallas, TX USA


    We have an excellent training series that can help answer all your questions about our gate drivers. It is indexed so you can jump right to the section you want! You can find it here. A second series focused 100% on Isolated Gate drivers may be found here.

    We also provide models for our gate drivers to accelerate your time to market. You can find them in the Product Folders under the "Design and development" tab:

  • In reply to Don Dapkus:

    Hello Don,

    Thank you for helping! After downloading the latest TINA, the problem is solved!