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WEBENCH® Tools/LMV7231: LMV7231: Proper Termination for Unused Input Pins & COPOL Pin function

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Part Number: LMV7231

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools


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I'm using the LMV7231 to monitor 5 voltage sources instead of 6. What would be the proper termination for the -IN6, +IN6 and CO6? Should they be grounded or kept open? Or do you suggest connecting each of these pins to a specific load? Please let me know.

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  • Ahmad

    To prevent any unnecessary toggling of the output, it is preferred to put the output of the comparator into a known state.  It would be recommended to connect the non-inverting input to V+ and the inverting input to GND.


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    Thank you for your feedback. Greatly appreciated.