TIDA-01604: I'm a little confused about some material in this design

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Part Number: TIDA-01604


Recently I learned about the TIDA-01604, and I have some questions.

This design is a bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) solution, what's the role of the D102(FET Paralled Rectifier).

Shall we use the SiC MOSFET C3M0065100K or C3M0030090K to take the place of the C2M0025120D(Q7-Q10).


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    The D102 rectifier is for inrush current control for protecting the MOSFET body diode.

    Yes, you may. Just keep in mind that the higher the Rdson MOSFET being used, the higher the conduction losses are, which eventually decrease the efficiency.



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    Thanks, I comprehend the function of the D102 rectifier.

    And I wonder that if the Vds and Id (except Rdson) should be consider when we use the MOSFET C3M0030090K(900V, 63A)  or C3M0065100K(1000V, 35A) to take the palce of C2M0025120D(1200V, 90A).

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