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TIDA-01418: What is the switching frequency of the IGBTs used in TIDA-01418?

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Part Number: TIDA-01418


We are sizing the DC Link capacitors for TIDA-01418. The switching frequency is needed. Can you please provide that information?


  • Charlie, hello and thank you for your interest in Texas Instruments.  Our Automotive Systems team has fielded your question and are going to consult with one of our product business unit teams to answer.  Please allow us 1-2 business days  or sooner to get back with you. 

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    J. Fullilove

    Texas Instruments

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    Sounds good. Thank you very much.

  • In reply to CharliePE:

    The default switching frequency in this design is 15kHz, you may set it according to the power module and your application.

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    Hello Yanming,

    Great! Thank you for your help. We are designing one BLDC motor drive based on TIDA-01418. Since this reference design is not for sale, so the documentation is not so complete. We may ask for your help about a lot of details of the design. Is this OK? Thanks.