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TIDA-00462: TIDA-00462, Example Project don´t start the system

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Part Number: TIDA-00462

Dear Experts,

for testing the Ultrasonic Transducer this booster pack was choose by our company.

By testing this system we was confuse, because it´s not working in the test setup. 

Follow Test setup was used:

  • TIDA-00462 board with external power supply 5 V
  • Texas Instruments MSP-FET Flash emulation Tool
  • Sharp® 96x96 Memory LCD

Now I have the problem, that the LCD are not enabled from the MSP430. For this test I use the Example Code from TI to check the functionality of the board. So, it should by work. 

But LCD_BWR, LCD_SPI_CS, LCD_EN and all other pins for the LCD do nothing. The Stop LED are on after starting the system, so the MSP430 should by work. 

  • Hi Mario,

    Thanks for your interest in this reference design. Please allow for a few days and we will come back to you with specific answer.



  • In reply to MCV:

    Today I compiled the test project again and got three error messages:

    I hope, this can help to find a solution for this problem.

  • In reply to Mario Perner:

    Hello Guys,

    I find out that the example code was not made for the MSP430G2 and not for the msp430f5172. After change the LCD code for the correct msp430f5172 the sharp96x96 are broken and now I use the sharp128x128. Have TI a example code for this lcd-display that work with the msp430f5172? 

  • In reply to Mario Perner:

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for your update, we were struggling to reproduce it on our side. 

    I'm not aware of any code example for the 128x128 w/ msp430f5172.