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WEBENCH® Tools/LM5176-Q1: Ordering complete BOM from Webench?

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Part Number: LM5176-Q1

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

I designed a Buck-Boost regulator on Webench, and picked a device which had a complete BOM attached to it. When I go to checkout or "order," only the IC is available, or the EVM kit. Is there anyway to order the entire BOM through Webench? 

  • Hi Andrew,

    WEBENCH does not support ordering of entire BOM as of now. User can download the BOM as .csv file and use any of the distributor websites to order BOM.

    FindChips.com and Digikey.com are some distributors among others you can look for.



  • In reply to Vishwanath Tigadi:

    Got it, thanks a lot!