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TIDA-01250: Smart solenoid driver

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Part Number: TIDA-01250

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your inputs, before we start fabricating the PCBA. Just wanted to clarify if  this driver can directly interface to the solenoid or requires an SSR in between.

Please also let me know if any protection circuit needs to be designed on the load side.



  • Hello Yeshwanth,

    we have been driving 2 different solenoids (part numbers are in the design guide of TIDA-01250) directly from the onboard FET. In case the solenoid has higher power, you might need a different FET, supporting the current. For the solenoid you might want to consider a free-wheeling diode.

    I hope this helps.



  • In reply to AlexW:

    Hi Alex

    Thank you for the reply.

    If I have to connect the solenoid driver for data acquisition to a controller, I see there is an UART or IO-Link interface. As communicated earlier to you I will explore IO-Link options.

    Alternatively, just trying to understand if I have to collect data from multiple solenoid drivers using UART interfaces, is this UART RS-232 compatible ,so that I can have a terminal server or use a Modbus TCP to fetch data from multiple / individual UARTs?



  • In reply to Yeshwanth Saghi:


    we have been using a typical terminal program to make the UART data visible.