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PMP20195: LM5021MM-2

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Part Number: PMP20195


I am working off the PMP20195 reference design.

Can you all suggest alternatives to RLTI-1177 Transformer,330 uH, TH?

We are looking for a cost effective Transformer, off the shelf!

In addition, can you provide the PMP20195 Schematic in Eagle format. Trying to speed up time to market.

Best Regards,

Neil Henry

  • Hi Neil,

    Same response here as the other post.

    Except contact Ian at Renco for the transformer

    Ian Rensing <IRensing@rencousa.com>



  • In reply to Robert Taylor1:


    What is the fuse that fits XF1 fuse Holder? Not seeing the LittleFuse part number?



  • In reply to Neil Henry:

    Hi Neil,

    Looks like the holder is for a TR5 type of fuse.  I could not find the exact part number that was used on the design.  I would say a 3A fuse should work well.  Usually we are using the slow blow type as this is just for catastrophic protection.