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TIDA-01471: TIDA-01471

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Part Number: TIDA-01471

Hi TI,

I need to make a board that can collect data from iepe accelerometer and iepe hammer. I want to collect the data through the Arduino board.

Is there any advice that I can capture the data from accel and send it to Arduino?

I don't really understand TIDA-01471 so much.
Can you give me some advice on this?
Thank you!
  • Hello!

    The TIDA-01471 design is explained in detail in the user guide, did you already check it? do you have specific questions?

    on the other hand, this design requires an SPI communication that goes beyond 3 Mbps, I'm not sure if the Arduino can support that speed, especially that communication is triggered by DRDY signal which is generated by the ADC and needs to be read by the MCU, which would then initiate the SPI transfer.