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TIDA-00528: 40-200V Monitoring

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Part Number: TIDA-00528


I would like to use the TIDA-00528 design for a 48-200V monitoring application.

The Rz calculation from reference guide Rz <= (205-5.1) / (50uA + 25uA) = 2.66M (must be less than 2.66M). I have chosen my Rz as 1.33M and calculated powerRz = ~29mW.

For the Vbus to the INA226, my high Vbus would be ~6.29V (with Rtop = 150k and Rbottom = 4.75k for the voltage divider), with powerR = ~26mW.

I changed the PFET out for IRFR9214TRPBF (250V rated) instead of 600V rated (to save space).

I am requesting to check my schematic work to ensure the monitoring would work for 48-200V monitoring. In my schematic, the I2C (SDA/SCL) lines are pulled up elsewhere in the schematic.

Please provide any feedback.

Thank you for your help.