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Android 4.3 App support for SensorTag Released

Anyone having any luck with the new Android App?

I am trying it on a Nexus 4. I can see the SensorTag but when I try to view data the app  crashes... (very)early days yet ;)


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  • In reply to Manuel Francisco Naranjo:

    I've attached a log dump of the app, if it helps. Between line 23 and 24 there is a 7-second gap where it is trying (unsuccessfully) to discover the services, after which it disconnects.


  • In reply to Eddie:

    Manuel. I have not experience in building Android components from AOSP. Is there any chance that you could publish a binary image for now? (or even better: provide a recipe for building it). You will get full credit on the TI processors Wiki-page. Also a good point about wrapping the APK in a .zip file. instead of an .exe file The source code for the SensorTag app (+ two further apps: BLE Device Monitor and SensorTag Camera Control) will be published mid-August. For now I can add that the BLE related code is partly based on the Android BLE Sample app and partly on the examples in the Samsung SDK (some clean-up is yet to be done).

  • In reply to Jomar Hønsi:

    I found a way to get my Nexus 4 to discover the SensorTag in a few steps:

    -Turn Bluetooth off, remove all other BT Devices

    -Turn BT on

    -Press the side button on the Sensor Tag

    -Start the app

    This way I can at least discover one SensorTag, connection works sometimes. However, I have not managed to read out any data from the SensorTag, if I switch to the services tab the app closes with errors after a few seconds. Please also note that the app crashes or just not works if I put more than one SensorTag in discovery mode.

  • It consistently crashes on my Nexus 4 as well even with 0.9.1. If it helps, I can get it to work reliably by unpairing all bluetooth devices, turning off WiFi, force-closing the app and clearing its data, and then reconnecting. The app is very flaky in general though.

  • In reply to Stergios Stergiou:

    With 0.9 version I was able to consitently read buttons, acelerometer and gyroscope with my Nexus 4. But trying to enale any other sensos caused app crashes and nor data received.

    With 0.9.1 there is no way to read even what was working with previous versions. Continuous crashes of the application, but the sensor tag is always recognized without problems.

  • In reply to Miguel Sesma:

    We are aware of the issues in version 0.9.1. We have now got a Nexus 4 in-house and are now able to expand the test coverrage,. We will release version 0.9.2 early next week.

  • In reply to Jomar Hønsi:

    Hi TI-team!

    Could you please share your experiences while implementing the Android BLE API of Android 4.3? Can you confirm or add anything to this discussion?

    It appears to me, that BLE is broken in Android 4.3, since even the Android demo app has problems to discover services after several connects.

  • In reply to One World:

    We have seen two major issues so far, and also noticed slightly different behaviour between Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. 

    1. When trying to reconnect to an existing BluetoothGatt object, connection and disconnection can take a long time, up to 30 seconds. We found a workaround for this by making sure a new object is always created when we want to connect, See BluetoothLeService, method connect.

    2. There seems to be a limit to the number of services that can provide notifications on continuously (4). This is the case on all the devices we have tested, and was also a problem with the Samsung BLE SDK 2.0 and Galaxy S4.

    3. Minor issues are:

    a) Scanning: Nexus 7 reports scnaResults continuously, Nexus 4 only once after starting discovery

    b) We have never succeeded in unpairing a devices from Nexus 4 via the system Bluetooth dialog.

    The general impression is that the Android BLE API is simpler and tidier than the near identical Samsung API we used initially, but also less stable. The Android sample app is very limited, hopefully they will provided more comprehensive apps like Samsung did in BLE SDK 2. It is early days yet, hopefully Google will fix these issues soon.

  • In reply to Jomar Hønsi:

    Trying out a new Nexus 7 (2013), results are much like those described with other Nexus devices.

    The SensorTag app sees SensorTag and other devices.  I haven't experienced any crashes, but the app has difficulty connecting and is unable to maintain connections.  Turning Bluetooth off and back on seems to improve the odds of a successful connection.  Once connected, after a few seconds the message appears "Unfortunately, SensorTag has stopped".  Have not been able to get any data from SensorTag.

    As an aside, if issue 3a above means that the app sees multiple results for a given device, that would be an improvement rather than an 'issue'.  Receiving continuous scan results means that the app can update RSSI display as one moves around.

  • In reply to Richard Dolf:

    The SensorTag app is still being worked at and tested on Nexus 4. The difference in scanning behaviour between the various devices has created some extra work. Will let you know as oon as there is an update. Has anyone received Android 4.3 OTA updates for Galaxy S4 and HTC one or other Nexus devices?


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