CCS/CC2640: Establishing older development environment and finding SDKs

Part Number: CC2640

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I'm trying to setup a development environment for existing hardware utilizing the CC2640F128 devices.  The Code Composer Studio has the CC2640R2 SDKs in the recourse explorer but no CC2640 SDK or CCC26XX SDK.  I have tried it with CCS Ver 7 & 8.  If you go to downloads related to the CC2640F128 you can find the BLE-Stack 2.2.2 and BLE-Stack II.  If you download these and install them into the default C:/TI/Simplelink directory CCS doesn't recognize them as a resource.  The examples must be individual imported.  I'm trying to not work so hard just to establish a development environment for older hardware.

Most of the links to the CC2640F128 SDKs etc don't have anything in them under the normal tabs.  There is no 26XX SDK in resource explorer within CCS.

Any suggestions?

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