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[FAQ] LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1: SIMPLELINK-CC13x2-26x2-SDK: RTLS Known Issues and Fixes

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1


1. rtls_agent_cli has an issue where the incorrect AoA start request can be invoked via the websocket (e.g. when using RTLS_Monitor GUI)

The fix is to remove any references to _cc2640r2 flavors of commands. from See the snippet below on which code should be removed

    class AoaStartReq_cc2640r2(NpiRequest, SyncReq, FromAp):
        command = Commands.RTLS_CMD_AOA_ENABLE
        struct = Struct(
            "enable" / Int8ul,

    class AoaSetParamsReq_cc2640r2(NpiRequest, SyncReq, FromAp):
        command = Commands.RTLS_CMD_AOA_SET_PARAMS
        struct = Struct(
            "aoaRole" / Enum(Int8ul, AoaRole),
            "aoaResultMode" / Enum(Int8ul, AoaResultMode),
            "cteScanOvs" / Int8ul,
            "cteOffset" / Int8ul,
            "cteTime" / Int16ul,


Also the following code should be removed from the bottom of the file:

    def aoa_start_cc2640r2(self, enable): pass

    def aoa_set_params_cc2640r2(self, aoaRole, aoaResultMode, cteScanOvs, cteOffset, cteTime): pass

2. All the readme.html are missing for rtls examples.

The original files which are used to generate the html files are still in the folder, users can take a look at those files to get started.

3. rtls_master does not support sampling I/Q on AoA pakckets.

For convenience, a new binary can be found here, use this in place of the one in the SDK:





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