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CC1352P: MAin assert handler problem with CC1352P REV E IC

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Part Number: CC1352P

I am using REV E CC1352P ICs in my custom board. My application is collector application in TI 15.4 stack
I am using following softwares
SDK V3.20.00.68

Collector in Non beacon mode

My application is working fine with REV C custom board but after porting to V3.2 and hardware changes in custom board are made. My firmware is entering in to main assert handler some times and some times debugging correctly. what could be the possible reasons for main assert handler in firmware.
Note: Hardware changes are made as per launchpad REVE schematic

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  • Hi,

    To narrow down where the issue could be, please try the following items:
    - run out-of-box 3.20 example on your custom board with Rev E silicon (if the example runs as expected, then the custom board is probably ok)
    - run your ported application on a launchpad with Rev E silicon (if your application runs as expected, then the ported software is probably ok)

    Let us know the results of these.


  • In reply to Toby Pan:


    Thank you for your response, i added CPUDelay(12000000); instruction before initialization of peripherals which resolved my issue.

    Thanks & Regards