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Part Number: CC3200-LAUNCHXL

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I would like to insert a code of PWM in the flash memory of C3200. But I do not know how. I have seen the libraries of flash and rom but unfortunately I could not understand how and there is no examples in code to be based.

Another thing that I saw was the jumpers on the board C3200 that can influence on memory. So I do not know if this task must be one by hardware or software or both.

Anyway if someone, who has already insert features of peripherals in the flash memory, could help me, it would be great.

Thank tou

  • Genius 13180 points

    Hello Luis,

    You could flash our device by using our version 3.x of our Uniflash tool. To do this build your application in CCS which will generate a binary for you. Then use the binary to flash the device through Uniflash.


  • In reply to Jesu:

    Hello Jseu,

    thanks a lot for your reply. I downloaded the Uniflash tool but I found it hard to surf even Reading the Quick Start.

    I have already my apllicantion and it has its own binary. I open UNIFLASH and create a new configuration ( I am using UART communication and automatically appears my micro (CC3200) as device. So I imagine this part is correct.

    Then I added a file and this file was the binary (extension .xml ,right ?) .After this I program this file into my device. Unfortunately the code was not preserved after I turn the CC3200 off. 

    Is that the procedure ? 

    Another doubt would be what is STARTING ADRESS ?

  • Genius 13180 points

    In reply to Luis Gustavo Ganimi:

    Hi Luis,

    The binary generated by CCS is .bin extension. 

    Here is a quick start guide with a flashing section.


  • In reply to Jesu:

    Hello Jesu,

    and how can I generate a binary file of my code in CCS ?

    Thank you again for your reply.

  • Genius 13180 points

    In reply to Luis Gustavo Ganimi:

    Hi Luis,

    The binary is generated by building your project in CCS (Code Composer Studio). It will be located in your debug folder.


  • In reply to Jesu:

    Thanks for the replying! But i couldn t yet solved it.

    In relation to the .bin file I could generate for my work when  I insert the following code:

    ${CCS_INSTALL_ROOT}/utils/tiobj2bin/tiobj2bin ${BuildArtifactFileName} ${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.bin ${CG_TOOL_ROOT}/bin/armofd ${CG_TOOL_ROOT}/bin/armhex ${CCS_INSTALL_ROOT}/utils/tiobj2bin/mkhex4bin

    I tried the same code to generate a file .bin in the BLINKY example. The aim was just to test with a simpler code but unfortunately, it has not generated the file .bin. I thought the .out file can be responsible but I have already erased it. But when I build again, the blinky.out is created and there is no blinky.bin.

    Althought in my real application I generated the file .bin, when I use Service Pack Programming and choose this file a problem occured. The problem is the format of the file, but I do not understand the reason since I used a .bin file auto-generated by the CCS.

    Do you have additional advice?