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CC3220S: memory validation

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Part Number: CC3220S


We are using SPI flash (MX25R3235F) with CC3220S MCU. Both MCU and SPI flash VCC voltage is 3V. The same SPI flash part no is used in launch pad of CC3220S. 

We are seeing issue in DC analysis calculation. VoH (min) of CC3220S is 2.1V and VIH (min) of flash  MX25R3235F is 0.8VCC = 0.8x3 = 2.4V

Here VoH<VIH

As per rule VOH>VIH to interface two chips. Here this rule is violating.

Please suggest us on this how this memory part MX25R3235F is validated with CC3220S. 

  • Hi,

    We will look into it and get back to you ASAP. Please bear with us.



  • Hi Sonu,

    How are you determining that the CC3220'S VOH (min) is 2.1V when powering it with 3V?



  • In reply to Seong Kim:

    Hi Seong,

    In CC3220S datasheet, in section 5.9 Electrical characteristics (page no 35) is VOH= VDDx0.7

    i.e 3x0.7 = 2.1V

  • In reply to SONU GOYAL:


    Perhaps there is actually some buffer to MX25R3235F's VIH specification. The MX25R3235F is the suggested part for all of our SimpleLink Wi-Fi devices and we've also used the same flash memory device on the following EVMs below.

    1. CC3220S, CC3220SF, and CC3220MODSF LaunchPads
    2. CC3235S, CC3235SF, and CC3235MOD LaunchPads.

    These same EVMs were also used for testing and validation during development. I am unaware of any customer reports or returns regarding any issues with the interface with the MX25R3235F.